The Quarry as a Part of the Community's Social Fabric

As noted previously, the quarry was associated with Peekskill, not Yorktown.

  • Science classes and boy scout troops visited the quarry and took away sample rocks.
  • Grenci & Ellis sponsored a baseball team, the Mohegan Quarry, The company also hosted a clambake for the team. In 1927, Thomas Ellis offered a 17 jewel gold watch to the team’s best hitter.
  • As a prominent “Peekskill” local business, Grenci & Ellis ran ads in the local newspaper. (see photos below)
  • Newspaper articles about retirements and deaths mentioned prior employment at the quarry.
  • The quarry continued to be in the news even after operations ceased, with newspaper reports of drownings at the quarry’s 40’ high cliff.
  • Bruno Grenci served on the Peekskill Water Board and Thomas Ellis served on the Board of Education. Ellis’s son William, the company’s secretary and treasurer from 1925-1940, was an officer in the Peekskill Savings Bank.
  • Long after the quarry ceased operating, the Evening Star’s Looking Back column included nostalgic notes about the quarry.
  • In 1933, the newspaper reported that the Mohegan Granite Company donated a “truckload of shrubs” for Fort Hill Park.
  • In 1935, Grenci & Ellis sold a strip of land along Lexington Avenue to the Town of Yorktown for $1.00 so that the town could widen the road.