Since its founding in 2014, the Yorktown Trail Town Committee has undertaken a variety of projects designed to promote and enhance the use of Yorktown’s parks, hiking and biking trails. 

Completed Projects

Installed interpretive signs documenting the history of the Mohegan Quarry at Sylvan Glen Park, 2021.

Constructed the 0.4 mile Mohansic Trailway link along the town’s right of way between Route 118 and Baldwin Road, 2018-2020.

Published and distributed 10,000 copies of the Map of the North County Trailway at Yorktown Heights in Yorktown and locations in Westchester, 2015-2019.

Installed signs on town roads to help motorists and cyclists find the access to many hard-to-find parks and trails, 2018.

Mentored two Yorktown High School students in the Civic Internship Program who produced videos of Yorktown trails: Liz Gmoser’s The Trails of Yorktown and Samantha Silverman’s Sylvan Glen Park. Both videos are on YouTube and The Trails of Yorktown is on the Town of Yorktown’s web site, 2017-2018.

Installed two permanent North County Trailway at Yorktown Heights signs along the North County Trailway, one in Railroad Park and one just south of the Park across from the highway garage. The signs are designed to encourage Trailway users to visit local businesses in the hamlet, 2016.

Conducted the first ever formal usage study of the North County Trailway as it passes through Yorktown Heights, 2016.

Created and posted What’s Nearby signs in kiosks at several Yorktown trails. Designed to promote local businesses, the project was done in conjunction with the Yorktown High School Civic Internship Program, 2015.

Provided links to Yorktown’s 22 trail locations on the Committee’s web site, 2015.

Lobbied the Town Board and Planning Board in support of various existing and proposed trail connections, 2015-2020.

Coordinated with the Yorktown Land Trust to promote its publication, The Yorktown Walkbook, 2015-2020.