Quarry History Hike

Park: Sylvan Glen Park Preserve
Map: A PDF of the above Sylvan Glen Park Map
Length: 2.63 miles
Notes: For information about the quarry, click over to Quarry History or scan on the QR codes on the signs as you pass them. This hike is bikeable but you will probably have to walk the bike a short distance up the steep incline at step #17 below.
Directions: Starting from the parking lot off Stony Street:

  1. Take the Old Farm Trail (green) past the kiosk and the Quarry History Entrance sign
  2. Immediately after the puncheon, reach the junction with the Sylvan Glen Trail (red) to the left. The return trip will come out here. Continue on the green.
  3. At 0.13 mile, pass the Quarry Drive Trail (orange) on the right. Continue on the green.
  4. At 0.2 mile reach the Ring Trail (yellow) and turn right on the joint yellow and green for a very short distance where the green trail leaves to the right. Continue on the green.
  5. At 0.3 mile, pass the Seminary Ridge Trail (white) to the right which goes past a small water filled quarry. Continue on the green.
  6. At 0.6 mile, the green trail crosses the High Quarry Trail (blue). Turn left on the blue.
  7. At 0.79, mile reach the junction with the Sylvan Glen Trail (red) which you will take on the return trip. Turn right on the joint red and blue trails.
  8. At 0.86 mile the red turns right. Continue straight on the blue.
  9. The trail over to the main quarry view is not marked, but obviously straight ahead where the blue makes a right turn. Visit the first of the history signs and an open view into the quarry and the west at 0.89 mile. Return back to the blue trail and follow it to the left.
  10. At 0.99 mile, reach a small stone building which was the explosive shed for the quarry operation and the second history sign. Below is a water filled quarry that was the source of water for the drilling operations.
  11. At 1.04 miles the Hillside Trail (purple) leaves to the right while the blue trail turns left. Continue on the blue.
  12. At 1.08 miles, reach the site of the blacksmith shop for the quarry and the third history sign. Continue on the blue trail passing through a tunnel.
  13. At 1.13 miles, at the fourth history sign, where there was a derrick in the quarry that lifted stone out of the quarry. Just before the sign, in Mid May, there are pink lady slippers in bloom among the rocks to your right. 
  14. Shortly the trail starts down a steep incline that transported the rocks to processing sheds at the bottom. The loss of over 140 feet of elevation means you will have to regain it to return to your starting point. 
  15. At 1.18 miles, the Turtle Pond trail (white) trail starts to the left adjacent to the fifth history sign. Continue down the incline on the blue trail.
  16. At 1.23 miles, the blue trail ends at the white trail. Continue straight and descend on the white trail to the sixth history sign at 1.24 miles.
  17. Reverse on the white, 0.01 mile to the start of the blue, then take the white trail right back to its end near the top of the incline. 
  18. At 1.59 miles, you are now at step 13. above by the derrick sign and on the blue trail. Continue past the blacksmith shop and the explosive shed to the top of the quarry at step 9. above. Continue on the blue, join the red. 
  19. At 1.92 miles, go straight on the red when the blue turns left. 
  20. At 2.25 miles, pass Easy Way (purple) which is a 0.01 mile shorter than staying on the red trail and avoids elevation changes which are challenging for bikes.
  21. At 2.47 miles, pass the Ring Trail (yellow) on the left.
  22. At 2.58 miles the red trail ends at a T intersection with the green. Turn right on the green to the parking lot at 2.63 miles. scan

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