Enjoy Yorktown's Extensive Trail System

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Comprised of volunteer residents and business owners, the Yorktown Trail Town Committee was formed in 2014 to promote the recreational, health and social benefits of Yorktown’s parks and trails. Enjoy!

our most recent projects

Mohegan Quarry History

Famous for its sought-after golden granite, this retired quarry between Lexington Avenue and Stony Street has much history which is now documented in on-site displays.

Mohansic Trailway

Running from Mohansic Avenue East in FDR State Park, to Route 118 in Yorktown Heights, its 564 foot boardwalk plus three bridges and gravel paths were completed in 2019.

Recreate responsibly

While we are abiding by the current social distancing requirements, Yorktown’s many parks and trails afford a variety of opportunities for families to safely recreate, exercise and enjoy the great outdoors. Do it for your mental and physical health! 

A helpful read is How to Hike Healthy and Responsibly.